John Dickson Carr – In Spite of Thunder (1960)



Silver Age
Category: Locked Room or Impossible Crime
Date Finished: July 9, 2015

Two murders, or so it seems, separated by 20 years, committed in the same impossible way with Dr. Fell is in Geneva to investigate. Carr does his usual trick of having some young romantic be the main narrator, with Fell only making an appearance in later chapters. In this one, he makes only small appearances before the final two chapters. The impossible crime is rather disappointing, with little attention paid to it. The two crimes turn out not to be connected much after all. And the main difficulty is the dialogue, in which everyone exclaims and interrupts constantly. Carr’s bad habits of explaining everything through dialogue, picked up from his radio work, continues to detract from the later Fell mysteries. In one case a character explains a past incident, to which the other responds, “Yes, I know. I was there.”

Vintage Silver Bingo 2015-07-09


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