Edward S. Aarons – Assignment Nuclear Nude (1968)


Silver Age
Category: Year of Birth
Date Finished: June 22, 2015

I don’t know if 1968 is my dividing line between good and bad, but I sure do prefer the pre-1968 works and had a bit of struggle to find a book to complete this category. For many of my favorite authors, this was toward the end of their careers. This 27th Sam Durell novel is way down his list, but I haven’t gone through these in order, not that it matters too much with these. This one does feature the return of a villainess from a previous novel, but it doesn’t hurt not having read that first. An important set of notes regarding a new scientific discovery is hidden behind a modern art painting, titled The Nuclear Nude. There are billionaires and their hippie daughters, one of the few nods to 1968, other than the ever-present Chicoms in these 1960s espionage novels. There is some nudity, but no sex. The point of these is the danger and the action, not the sex or the comedy of a lot of the James Bond knock-offs. Even as the 27th in this series, this was a strong effort, well written, with moderately realistic situations, other than perhaps the hippie daughters.

Vintage Silver Bingo 2015-06-22


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