Henry Kane – Dead in Bed (1961)


Silver Age
Category: Professional Detective
Date Finished: June 20, 2015

I read the first Henry Kane Peter Chambers volume last November and those short stories were quite well done and fun to read. This 12th novel in the series from 1961 falls far short. There are three separate murder cases here and, though they are somewhat related, are solved by Chambers. There isn’t much in the way of mystery or suspense here, other than the question of how Chambers is going to prove each. The covers hint at sex, as well, but that isn’t much present either. What is here is very wordy, very punny dialogue and description that is meant to be humorous, and only occasionally is. A tough follow up to a terse Parker novel. I would paste here an example, but the DRM on this ebook won’t permit me. The cool part is that this and many other old, unusual titles are available for download from the Internet Archive and Open Library. The difficult part is the DRM and the OverDrive app, which for once is useful. The public library OverDrive books are all modern crap. These all have the ridiculous requirements to treat these as if they were paper copies. Excuse me now as I have to go return my ebook to the Open Library so someone else can check it out.

Vintage Silver Bingo 2015-06-20


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