John Dickson Carr – Fire, Burn! (1957)


Golden Age
Category: Historical mystery
Date Finished: May 29, 2015

Ok, I continue to fall behind here. For my historical mystery, a tough category to fill for the Golden Age, I went with John Dickson Carr’s Fire, Burn! Carr, a master of the locked room, does another impossible thing here and sends his detective back from the 1950s to 1829, placing him there at the creation of the British police force and becoming the first police detective. For an unbelievable premise, this works rather well, tossing in the usual Carr romance as a prime focus and distracting somewhat from the science fiction element. Now, I’m not a big fan of novels set in the 1820s, but Carr’s detective, John Cheviot, is a man of the 1950s and not accustomed to the manners and moires of the era. An entertaining time travel.

Vintage Golden Card 2015-05-29


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