Thomas B. Dewey – The Girl with the Sweet Plump Knees (1963)


Silver Age
Category: Detective “Team”
Date Finished: May 10, 2015

Thomas B. Dewey is one of my favorites, especially the Mac series, but the Pete Schofield mysteries are fun to read also. This is the sixth in the series and again features the happily married Pete and Jeannie Schofield. The humor is a little big screwball, but Dewey can handle it so much better than Carter Brown or Richard Prather that it does not feel so misplaced. It helps to have a real female character like Jeannie, as opposed to the interchangeable Brown or Prather characters. Although Jeannie doesn’t do a lot of crime solving here, she is involved and integral to the feel of these Schofield mysteries. I will count this as the book with a detective team, especially as team is in quotes on the bingo card.

Vintage Silver Bingo 2015-05-10


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