Richard and Frances Lockridge – Killing the Goose (1944)


Golden Age
Category: Detective Team
Date Finished: March 28, 2015

To call this a team is somewhat incorrect. Pam North does some of the work here, though this feels much more like an Inspector Weigand mystery. Pam certainly does much less than she usually does, though she does get into danger at the end with the murderer. Jerry North doesn’t have much to do and Dorian Weigand is a non-entity, personality-wise and action-wise. Some people call these cozy mysteries, but there is no need to insult them in this way. There is no little old lady with her knitting and the cats in this do not solve the mystery. Yes, there is an amateur female detective, but she always gets into danger with her curiosity always exceeding her caution. This one features a thinly veiled radio commentator, in the mode of Walter Winchell or Arthur Godfrey — folksy but with a political bent. The politics are inferred to be dangerous and subversive, though not defined. I took it to be a right-wing commentator such as Father Coughlin.


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