Frank Kane – The Fatal Foursome (About Face) (1947)

Kane - Fatal Foursome

Golden Age
Category: Published under more than one title
Finished: January 11, 2015

Although I always enjoy a good Johnny Liddell, this one was a bit rough. The first in the series, this seems to be an obvious imitation of Mike Shayne, down to the copious amounts of cognac.I don’t know how anyone could solve a mystery after six quick double cognacs, let alone walk. My liver hurts. There are also some plot problems, such as not knowing where a main suspect lives and then writing down the address for him to be picked up one page later. Johnny also immediately suspects a bottle of cognac to be poisoned, despite having no evidence and with poisoning a brand new m.o. in this plot. Nevertheless, these became a long and successful series for Dell with later ones being much stronger.


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